One of the biggest challenges in managing remote locations is ensuring the same high levels of IT service for your remote workforce as the workers at headquarters receive. Centralized IT staff has not traditionally had enough visibility and control at the network’s edge to accurately measure and manage network and application performance. Existing tools have been designed to measure performance from a central location, not the end user’s perspective. Additionally, these tools usually depend on the network and lack the automation to proactively find and fix service-related problems.

Aumait solutions can Monitor, Measure and Manage Performance of critical network services and applications from the end-user’s perspective. Using synthetic transactions, the advanced Aumait Remote Management System (RMS) provides the intelligence to regularly collect network- and application-specific performance data from each Aumait appliance.

Administrators can quickly and easily establish acceptable thresholds for all monitored services and receive alerts via email when service-level events violate these thresholds. Service-level data is also stored to facilitate trend analysis, and can be easily exported for custom reporting or integration into other management systems.