One of the biggest challenges to managing remote locations is being able to securely connect to and access remote devices in order to perform maintenance tasks or troubleshoot problems.

Traditional, remote access solutions typically use network-based protocols, such as SNMP or Telnet, which can render them both unreliable in the case of a network outage and insecure due to lack of encryption and authorization controls.

“When our network goes down at a remote office, they’re shut down until we can get someone onsite to fix it.”

Aumait solutions don’t rely on the network to manage the network. Aumait “AP” appliances are collocated and directly connected to devices and servers to deliver persistent connectivity, as well as localized management services— regardless of the state of the network or device.

When the network is functioning properly, Aumait appliances use an Ethernet-based connection, but when it’s not, they immediately establish remote connectivity via a secure out-of-band path using a variety of backup communication options.

Key Secure Access & Connectivity Capabilities

By providing secure access and connectivity to the devices you need to manage, Aumait Automated Remote Management solutions enable you to:

  • Maintain Management Access and Control over distributed locations, even when the network is down or degraded.
  • Provide “Always-up” Connectivity because devices are managed locally, removing network dependencies. Aumait appliances function securely, consistently both in-band and out-of-band, and provide multiple backup connectivity options (PPP/analog, cellular, satellite).
  • Enforce Security Policies and Maintain Compliance—even during network outages—by controlling access to managed devices; enforcing granular authorization controls; and, logging all device changes and reporting the results of those changes.
  • Continuously Monitor Critical Device Statistics and user interactions with managed devices via an always-on, serial connection with no impact to network performance.
  • Integrate Seamlessly Into Existing Infrastructure management systems to provide a single view for all in-band and out-of-band management actions.
  • Keep Enforcing AAA by providing multiple failover AAA options through integration with various AAA servers. This ensures strict access control in the event that the primary AAA server is not reachable.