With business success increasingly dependent on network availability and performance, it has become ever more important to protect the underlying network and IT infrastructure from security threats.

Traditional management protocols used today, such as SNMP and Telnet, fall short in securely managing remote networks, and require that the network is available to work.

Aumait ensures that only the right users have the right access to devices and systems by providing very granular and customizable authorization controls.

Our next-generation “AP” appliances operate on a secure management platform that supports the industry’s most stringent security, encryption and AAA requirements, ensuring that security and management policies are always enforced, even during a network outage.

Key IT Policy Enforcement Capabilities

Aumait continuously enforces IT policies by providing an Automated Remote Management platform that:

  • Maintains and Enforces AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting), regardless of the state of the network. Under normal circumstances, Aumait appliances integrate with remote authentication mechanisms, such as TACACS and Radius, but if connectivity is lost, the appliance can failover to other AAA servers before falling back on cached authentication data to maintain authorized access.
  • Multifactor Authentication through integration with RSA SecureID and other Secure Computing practices
  • Prevents Unauthorized User Access by automatically closing idle sessions, thereby eliminating a potential security gap. Aumait appliances also ensure that the right users have the right access by enforcing granular, role-based permissions
  • Enables Audit and Compliance Reporting by constantly logging all changes made to managed devices and the results of these changes
  • Additional Security precautions are available such as restricting access to specific IP addresses and encrypting passwords stored in the database, or automate management functions related to security enforcement, like updating the access passwords on hundreds of managed devices at once.