Aumait Automated Remote Management solutions are quick and easy to install and configure. They do not require network changes and can be deployed rapidly or gradually throughout a network. An enterprise-wide deployment with an objective of reducing ongoing IT support costs could begin at a poorly performing site and gradually expand to cover more and more of the LAN or WAN.

WAN/LAN Management Challenges

From a network management perspective, the WAN/LAN presents unique challenges that Aumait solutions have been designed to address. These segments are usually the most highly trafficked portions of your network due to the scores of users that depend upon it for daily productivity. This often means they produce the highest volume and frequency of configuration and policy changes—occupying valuable support staff cycles.

Due to its size and distribution, the WAN/LAN also contains the most possible points of failure, leading to constant firefighting by IT support staff. For example, the volume of PCs connected to the corporate WAN/LAN creates some of the most common management challenges. Whether hardware issues like a failed NIC card, constant routing and configuration changes, or bandwidth-intense applications, day-to-day administration of the WAN/LAN environment can be extremely resource-intensive. Since traditional management systems are geared towards just monitoring the network, these daily operational tasks remain time-consuming, manual, and error-prone.

Aumait has a new management approach that minimizes the operational burden of routine maintenance and support tasks through standardized, consistent and scalable automation.

Aumait Manages the WAN/LAN

The unique network support and maintenance challenges that administrators face throughout the WAN/LAN can quickly and easily be addressed by Aumait solutions including:

  • Providing Local Automation and Control over managed devices with Aumait “AP” appliances, resulting in lower remote support costs by shortening maintenance cycles and speeding problem diagnosis and recovery.
  • Scheduling and Consistently Executing System-wide Configuration and policy changes such as OS updates, switch port configurations, password resets, VLAN assignments, and more.
  • Standardizing and Proactively Managing User Access Controls and changes leading to improved management security.
  • Consolidating a System-wide Audit Trail of all user interactions for compliance reporting.

As Aumait appliances are deployed throughout the network, they can be accessed and controlled by the Aumait Control Center. This central management console can provide administrators with a system-wide view and consistent management interface, or be seamlessly integrated into pre-existing network management systems. The flexibility of Aumait Automated Remote Management solutions enable administrators to schedule, execute and choose common WAN/LAN management tasks to automate across the network consistently, securely and at a much lower cost than traditional management approaches.