Data centers house the crown jewels of business—customer, financial and employee information, as well as the critical applications that power a business. Protecting data center security and non-stop availability is a top priority for IT staff. However, supporting the data center’s network and IT infrastructure has its own unique challenges.

Data Center Management Challenges

To protect availability, problems have to be resolved quickly and accurately to minimize disruptions. Outages due to human error—the most common cause of outages—have to be minimized, and when they do occur, the mean-time-to-recover (MTTR) from them has to be swift and efficient.

  • Security Threats take on even more importance at the data center. Systems must be patched rapidly to minimize the impacts of outside threats. Unauthorized changes have to be detected and quarantined quickly to not only ensure the protection of business-critical information that resides in the data center, but also to protect uptime.
  • In addition, Routine Maintenance Procedures require standardization and consistency to protect system availability and security. Solutions are needed that can quickly and effectively address the availability, security and support challenges that administrators face in managing the data center.

Aumait Protects Data Center Availability & Security

Aumait solutions have been designed to address the challenges specific to the data center by:

  • Providing a Safety Net by quickly pinpointing and recovering from erroneous configuration changes via the transaction-based, rollback feature, preventing unscheduled downtime
  • Rapidly Reducing the MTTR from an outage through automated, rules-based diagnosis and recovery
  • Protecting and Ensuring Security Policies through a robust authentication, authorization and accounting model (AAA), and customizable user access controls
  • Maintaining Consistent, Best-practice Procedures for manually executing or automating hundreds of routine maintenance tasks including configuration, patch and policy management—which leads to cost savings, higher uptime and increased management security

Aumait “AP” appliances continuously monitor the network devices and systems under management and can proactively identify, diagnose and resolve potential problems and security threats autonomously—ensuring the highest level of data center availability and security. IT staff can also utilize the automated support features of the Aumait Remote Management System (RMS) to drastically reduce the time spent on routine data center maintenance tasks, leading to greater standardization and lower support costs.

Via the Aumait Control Center, data center administrators can get up-to-the-minute operational data and visibility into all data center systems being managed, even during an outage, and this information can easily be integrated into other existing management systems.