Distributed enterprises depend on branch offices for sales, manufacturing, retail, distribution, and customer support. Despite their vital importance, these remote sites are often the most vulnerable points in enterprise networks due to the challenges of managing at the network’s edge.

Branch Office Management Challenges

Unlike most headquarters, remote locations must overcome single points of failure and limited management visibility and control, as well as a lack of on-site technical staff ensuring high IT service levels. Routine maintenance tasks often require a site visit, and outages are common, leading to high support costs and downtime incidents.

Studies have shown the amount of time needed to identify, isolate and resolve a problem at a remote location can take five times or more than a similar problem at headquarters, due to lack of support staff, tools and visibility at remote sites.

Using traditional, network-dependent management tools, branch offices and remote locations are often exposed to security vulnerabilities and regulatory compliance gaps, especially during outages. It has simply not been possible for network operations staff using existing management technologies to guarantee the availability, security, or compliance of branch office environments.

Aumait Solutions for Branch Offices

Aumait delivers secure remote management solutions that address the challenges of managing branch offices and remote sites by providing local management capabilities that complement existing in-band, centralized monitoring systems. Aumait provides a centralized IT staff with the access, control and enforcement capabilities needed to manage remote locations:

  • Maintains Management Connectivity with distributed locations, even when the network is down or degraded, to provide always-secure access to the distributed devices you need to manage
  • Provides Best-in-Class Problem Diagnosis and recovery capabilities to autonomously detect and fix remote issues without having to deploy expensive resources on-site
  • Locally executes Routine Remote Maintenance tasks like patch upgrades and configuration changes consistently and error-free, significantly reducing ongoing remote support costs
  • Offers a Secure Platform for remote management and ensures compliance with internal management policies, regardless of the state of the network

Aumait’s innovative approach to remote management enables your organization to achieve unprecedented availability, manageability and security in branch office environments.