The genesis of Aumait started as a vision among a small group of top IT and business professionals to solve the increasingly difficult problems with fast-growing and widely distributed IT infrastructures.

Aumait founders witnessed the frustration of countless technology departments, asked to do more with less in today’s competitive environment. These managers were constantly struggling to build and maintain their systems — leaving little time to focus on strategic initiatives. It became readily apparent that surviving companies faced a need for solutions that provide lower cost options in their IT infrastructure, while maintaining the same or higher quality of service.

The Aumait approach has been developed and refined to manage remote locations and overcome limitations of traditional management tools. Our Automated Remote Management (ARM) solution simplifies management of remote locations, greatly reducing the costs and risks that have saddled enterprise IT staff for years.

If your business needs to do more with less — stop struggling — it’s time to contact Aumait. Give our sales department a call at 801-810-5225. We’d be happy to demonstrate how you too can save, while maximizing your resources and accomplishing more.